Where It Begins ….

The truth is , this all began five years ago at a RV show . We had no intention on buying a RV ,much less living in one. Its like sending your husband to a boat show and two days later one is parked in your yard. We had no idea what we were looking for that day , if anything . We ended up the proud owner of a 5th wheel camper and wanted to spend our summers there , embracing the outdoors . I was just in my forties and now that I look back on it , I knew I needed change. I was sick of doing the same thing every day . Like most people out there , I wanted more . No idea what I wanted but I knew I wanted a simpler life with less static .

As we parked out camper in the middle of Maine and commuted back and forth to work , we learned so much on who we were and what we wanted . Both my wife and I had good jobs , so it was not about money . We would own a house, but didn’t want to do the maintenance and mow the lawn . To much hassle ! We wanted the easy life and by staying at camp during the spring and summer we actually saved about 10K that first year . We used that money for extra vacations and paid off our debt. Now its amazing how much money you have ,when you have no bills. Close your eyes for a second and think about where your paycheck goes … My favorite game is to look at your tax return from previous  year and see how much money you made and then scratch your head on where that went.. You should try it – it will open your eyes !

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